Help TLC by volunteering your time in our offices and/or preserves to enhance local lands for future generations to enjoy! We are looking for motivated volunteers who are ambitious to develop their skills and take ownership of projects. Some of our volunteer experiences include:

Invasive Plant Management and Restoration / Thugs to Gems

TLC is always looking for volunteers to help us with invasive plant management all throughout the year. (The plants we focus on would change depending on the season.)

Non-native invasive plants (thugs) are advantageous plants that out-compete and starve our native flora (gems) of nutrients, resulting in a mono-culture of the non-native, invasive plant. This reduction in biodiversity devastates the quality of habitat and subsequently the population of wildlife. TLC needs your help to restore our native habitat by clearing out the invasive thugs and replacing them with native gems.

Other Land Management Needs

With over 1,000 acres under protection, there are always projects to be shared!

  • Maintain existing tree plantings and cages by hand weeding and string trimming.
  • Design, create, and maintain natural hiking trails on preserves using hand tools.
  • Remove invasive plants, vines, and noxious weeds.
  • Water and re-pot young trees in the nursery.
  • Plant native trees and shrubs.
  • Clear brush and blown down trees.

Educational Programs

Share your expertise with TLC members, the community, and visitors!

  • Lead an exploration through the trails and teach about geology or local history.
  • Organize a wild foraging expedition.
  • Help trail goers identify common trees, plants, and wildlife.

Office Support

We could always use your help in the office!

  • Provide administrative support such as copying, filing, mailing, and entering data.
  • Lend your creative talents in areas such as graphic design and writing.

High School Students

Community services hours are available at TLC while you build your skills and professional network.

College Students

Be sure to check out our internship opportunities to help build your resume, develop your experience, explore career paths, extend your network, and gain course credit! (Please check with your professor or adviser on how to obtain credit for your internship–we are happy to work with your academic institution to provide course credit for your involvement.)

Corporate Volunteers

IMAG0199Let your employees enjoy a day out in the field and give back at the same time. Volunteering with TLC is a great way to engage your company in the community and encourage environmental stewardship. We have many projects geared towards the enhancement of biodiversity and environmental health. TLC asks for donations to cover the cost of the materials for the corporate volunteer day.

Ideas or Questions?

If you have any ideas of your own, or questions about how you could help TLC with our mission, please reach out to Barbara, (our Volunteer Coordinator who is also a volunteer), at GetInvolved@TLCforSCC.org.