Conservation Land Improvement Program

Conservation Land Improvement Program

The Conservation Land Improvement Program (CLIP) was created as a way to offer TLC’s land management expertise to the region.  CLIP assists landowners of Southern Chester County to become better stewards of their own properties by working with them to improve the ecological significance of their land and include sustainable practices through consulting, planning, and even management.

Backyard by backyard, individual efforts toward ecologically sensitive stewardship really do add up.  Over time we can create a watershed of change in the way we manage our own properties.  TLC’s hope is to assist landowners’ in creating their vision for their land in a way that supports native flora and fauna while providing assets for the community.

Our approach to land management is holistic and comprehensive.  We manage our own properties for native plant restorations, habitat diversity, low impact landscaping, and we want to help you do the same in your own backyard.  We can help you to better understand how to manage your own natural lands or help guide you in naturalizing your suburban backyard.  We also create trail maps for you with GPS trail mapping services.


Warm Season Meadow (900x675)

Warm season meadow with native plants

Please review our CLIP services below for a plan that best suits your needs.  The fee helps support your needs as a better steward of your land while also supporting the ongoing mission of The Land Conservancy for Southern Chester County.


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Landscape Visionaries consultation session:

We offer consultations of your property, large and small, as a Landscape Visionaries session.  Landscape Visionaries assists landowners in making choices to create an ecologically diverse niche in their backyard.  The Landscape Visionaries features a walk and talk of your property with a TLC staff member to assess your goals, evaluate your property, and make recommendations to achieve your vision.  LV session often involves conversation about invasive species, wildlife habitat, plant biodiversity, and identification.  A hand written report will be mailed to you.lilium canadensae after bloom (675x900)

  • Individual LV session: $150

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Land Management Planning:

In addition to Landscape Visionaries, TLC offers Land Management Planning to provide you an in depth customized manual for stewarding your land.  Management plans help formulate a multi-faceted strategy in restoring your open space to healthier natural lands.  This longer-term report will include flood plain mapping, soils data, address invasive species, highlight key action in promoting biodiversity, and provide management and maintenance solutions for your property.  Depending on the natural resources of the property additional consulting by outside experts may be required.

  • Beginning at $250 for individuals and $500 for HOA’s or properties over 25 acres.
  • A full plant inventory can be included for additional cost.

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TLC can offer hands-on management and assistance in implementing Best Management Practices on your land.  We do small scale brush mowing, non-chemical invasive species control, natural trail installation and maintenance, native shrub and tree plantings, and GIS map creation.  Additional services provided are listed below.  This service often begins with a Landscape Visionaries session then evolves into fulfilling the goals of the landowner through hands-on project implementation.  Please contact us at or call at 610 347 0347 ext. 106 to talk about your ideas!

  • If a project is outside of our skill base we are happy to refer you to experienced contractors for your project.


Dog waste composter package:

Installation of a 20 gallon black plastic trash can which opens at ground level and provides a container for excess dog waste.  Waste enzyme treatment is provided and will assist dog waste in composting over time.

  • Purchase of materials, installation, and instruction sheet within Southern Chester County: $175 (Includes complimentary box of Biobag compostable dog waste bags).

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