Preservation of land through conservation easements is an important step towards protecting our natural resources, but the next step, stewarding our land is just as important.  You can become a steward whether you own a 1/4 acre lot or a 1,000 acre farm.  This can be as simple as planting native plants to attract pollinators or as in depth as creating and implementing a management plan with step by step details of ways to control invasive species and encourage native species.  Whether your property is large or small, stewardship of your land is something that each of us can do.

TLC’s nature preserves are managed for their habitat and biodiversity.  In addition to providing a place for our two legged and four legged friends to enjoy nature, we also work hard to create habitat for the native flora and fauna.  Anytime you visit one of our properties you will see our stewardship efforts at work.   Nesting boxes, native plantings, invasive management, and mowing schedules are all ways that we steward our lands to encourage the wildlife that we all enjoy observing.  If you see us hard at work on our preserves, feel free to stop to learn about our most recent stewardship projects.

In addition to our stewardship efforts on our own property, TLC realizes that stewardship and proper management of your property is a daunting task, and have developed programs to provide the tools to assist you with that task. Our Landscape Visionaries and Conservation Stewardship Organization work hand in hand to assist landowners in becoming better stewards of their property.  Each program can work independently or congruently depending on your needs as a landowner. 

Landscape Visionaries

Our Landscape Visionaries sessions will help to guide you in creating a better management plan, or habitat in your backyard. We are happy to assist you in your small neighborhood garden to working farm or any property size in between.  We assist in a variety of stewardship efforts including but not limited to: water drainage issues, water features, plant identification, rain gardens, cottage gardens, hardscaping, or master landscaping plans. By planting native flora, you can not only attract native fauna, but also reduce your maintenance costs and create a sustainable landscape.  Our efforts are focused on giving you all of the necessary knowledge to replace the habitat that we are losing throughout the county.

Learn more about Landscape Visionaries.

Conservation Stewardship Organization

BCP Riparian Planting (1)Our Conservation Stewardship Organization (CSO) strives to help you enact your management plan or habitat visions for your property.  We realize that creating a habitat can be a daunting task, so our qualified staff is here to help you.  We offer invasive control services, meadow management services, meadow installation, riparian buffer installation, and any other habitat improvement project on your property.  We can do the entire project, or assist you with each step of the project depending upon your needs.  Our CSO staff is well versed in managing a property for a habitat, not a manicured lawn.

Learn more about our Conservation Stewardship Organization.