Spring Break in Nature

Spring Break in Nature

Looking for something to do during spring break? Dive into spring with TLC! This program is held on the local school district’s spring break for children ages 5-12. Each day has a different theme for exploration of Bucktoe Creek Preserve’s 297 acres. We will look for local wildlife, explore ponds and streams, and much more!

Check out some highlights of our previous spring break below!

Exploring the ponds of Bucktoe Creek Preserve during our first day of Spring Break in Nature. We found Wood Frog tadpoles and eggs!

The younger group learning how to use the dipnets to catch critters in the stream.

We found lots of cool stream creatures, here we are taking a closer look at one of the many snails found under the rocks. We also found snail eggs while searching!

The older group learning about bird boxes and how they are protected from predators like raccoons and snakes.

Terrain Trekkers building primitive shelters on our second day of Spring Break in Nature.

A second group working on their primitive shelter in the wooded area. We made sure to return all materials where we found them, leave no trace!

During Friday’s program, we focused on the birds of Bucktoe, especially their adaptations. One bird adaptation is their hard egg that protects the young as they develop; here we are looking at a real Ostrich egg Naturalist Gary brought!

This Northern Brown Snake was seen slithering across the path during our last Spring Break in Nature program! Everybody got to feel the snake and learned they don’t feel slimy at all!

Learning about echolocation by playing a game of Bat and Moth.

Almost every log we flipped over searching for insects had a small Red-backed salamander hiding under it!

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