Marshall Bridge Preserve


Benge Road & Farm Lane
Hockessin, DE 19736
(Enter through Delaware State Park and continue through the green gate toward TLC’s preserved land in Pennsylvania)

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The scenic views of the Marshall Bridge Preserve

80 acres, 3 miles of trails

Things To Do

  • Hiking/Walking/Running
  • Bird and Wildlife Watching
  • Nature Photography
  • Cross Country Skiing
  • Mountain Biking

Rules and Regulations

The preserve is owned by the The Land Conservancy for Southern Chester County (TLC), a private non-profit organization. The preserve is bordered by private residences. Do not trespass onto adjacent properties. We also hope that you will respect our many natural residents—whether plant or animal—and ask that you follow these guidelines:

  • Walk on designated trails only and pack out all trash.
  • Please respect the privacy of the residents bordering the reserve.
  • DO NOT TRESPASS onto neighboring lands.
  • Pets are permitted; however, pets must be under your control at all times and you must clean up your pet’s waste.
  • Do not remove any plants, animals, rocks, or artifacts.
  • No motorized vehicles.
  • No alcoholic beverages.
  • No fires.
  • No hunting.
  • No loitering.

Preservation Partners: The Land Conservancy for Southern Chester County (TLC), Kennett Township, The Chester County Preservation Partnership Program, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR), Chester County Open Space Preservation Department, The Longwood Foundation, E. Kneale Dockstader Foundation, and The Starrett Foundation.

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Historic Mason-Dixon Marker


Marshall Bridge Preserve creates a bi-state preserve as it lies adjacent to Delaware State’s Auburn Heights Preserve with trail connections between the two properties.   The property contains 80 acres for walking, hiking, equestrian, cross country skiing, birding, nature study, environmental education, and other passive recreational activities. Trail segments meander through one of the last remaining diverse, contiguous, mature woodlands in Kennett Township, and aside wetlands, scenic view points, rural lands, and portions of the historic Mason Dixon Trail, including a Mason Dixon Line marker at the state border. When combined with Delaware’s Auburn Heights Preserve, visitors can enjoy over 400 acres of preserved lands.

The preserve is located within close proximity to TLC’s Stateline Woods Preserve and Marshall Mill House Preserve, along the banks of the Red Clay Creek and Route 82 in Kennett Township. TLC is working on trail connections to directly connect Marshall Mill House and Marshall Bridge Preserves to help create a trail loop through the four preserves and to allow visitors to access the 10+ miles of existing trails across TLC’s three preserves and Delaware’s Auburn Heights Preserve. Stay tuned for announcements regarding connections in both Pennsylvania and Delaware!

Rent the Bird Blind at the Marshall Bridge Preserve

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