Hunting Season on the Preserves

Managed deer hunting occurs at our Stateline Woods, Marshall Mill House, and Marshall Bridge Preserves.

We host managed deer hunting on TLC’s preserves as a means of sustainable stewardship of our lands, and as an effective way to control the deer population.  With no local natural predators, white tailed deer have developed an unbalanced relationship to their environment.  Overpopulation of deer means more automobile accidents and excessive browsing of native trees and shrubs.  Without native trees and shrubs to out-compete invasive plant species, our natural spaces are stressed and pushed out of harmony.  Human hunters help to keep the deer population smaller and in effect help our forests to regenerate naturally.  Healthy flora attract healthy fauna.

Hunting on TLC Preserves is not open to the public.  Managed deer hunting happens with coordination through a team of seasoned hunters who know the land and are aligned with TLC’s commitment to sustainable land stewardship, public recreation, and ethical hunting practices.  Our primary method of deer management is archery hunting with minimal single shot gun hunting.  We strive to find balance between successful deer hunts and allowing access to our majestic natural lands.

This means that we are requesting that trails goers be informed during hunting season by considering the following:

  • WEAR ORANGE!  Wearing a bright color makes you visible to the hunter.  Even though you might not see them, you want them to see you! 
  • If you walk with your dog off leash, consider leashing your dog for the season (see dates below).  Allowing a dog to run free during hunting season can be disruptive to hunters and the deer (as well as other wildlife).  As an extra precaution, adorn your canine friend with some bright colors so that hunters can be sure that your dog is not a deer!
  • Walk at times other than dawn and dusk. Walking safely during hunting season means being easily visible and, at dawn or dusk, you won’t be.
  • Get your exercise while taking the precaution of walking in a safe, heavier populated part of a preserve and always stay on trails. Remember you have rights also. If you are on a marked trail or roadway, you are in a safety zone.


When does hunting occur?

Archery hunting can occur during the season from dawn until dusk except for Sundays.  Gun hunting only occurs on specific predetermined days and only on Chandler Mill, Marshall Mill, and Stateline Woods nature preserves.  When hunters are present on the preserves, there will be posted signage on or near the informational kiosk denoting the type of hunting occurring (archery or gun).  Please be conscious!


Local Archery Hunting Seasons (2017/2018):

When hunters are actively archery hunting, the preserve is open to visitors, but please follow our rules explained above.

September 16th to November 25th

December 26th to January 27th


Local Gun Hunting Seasons (2017/2018):

When hunters are actively gun hunting, the preserve is closed and will be posted accordingly.  Do not enter a preserve when gun hunting is active!  No matter where!  No matter who you know!

October 19th to October 21st

November 27th to December 9th


If you have additional questions or concerns about hunting and access to the preserves please contact us at:


A common hazard that most Chester County residents face are car accidents involving deer.  Here are a few tips to help you if you find yourself in this situation:
– If you have struck a deer with a car but it is still alive, contact the Avondale State Police Barracks: 610-268-2022
– If you have struck and killed a deer on a state road call PennDot: 484-340-3200 for removal
– If you have struck and killed a deer on a township road call the township in which your accident occurred.