Marshall Mill House History

Every property has a story.

In 2000, the white clapboard Marshall Mill House on Route 82 was slated to be razed by a managed fire. In an outpouring of community support the property was saved by TLC, neighbors, and Kennett Township residents who viewed the structure as an important representation to our area’s history.

Marshall Mill House

The Marshall Mill House in the fall

The Marshall Mill House is located on a 40 acre tract that serves as a trailhead for the Stateline Woods Preserve. Built circa 1850s, it provided residence for an employee of the Marshall Bros. Paper Mill, located just up the road. The house is a perfect representation of a transitional stage in common home design and construction, during which for the first time lumber could be shipped hundreds of miles and nails and hardware could be produced by machine. This enabled builders to easily create more complex architectural structures and brought about improvments in working-class standards of living.

The Marshall Mill House accommodated the mill employee, his wife, and their children. It is a wonderful reminder of what large family would consider a ‘normal’ sized home. It tells the story of the everyday life of the working class in our area while it was transformed by the Industrial Revolution. It is one of several remaining structures from the mid-1800s in the area, all of which help to paint a picture of this historic era in beautiful Chester County.

In the years since acquiring the property, TLC has helped to remediate the house by painting the exterior and planting period landscaping with manys thanks for the support of a local landowner, individual donors, the Longwood Foundation, and the E. Kneale Dockstader Foundation. The interior is closed to the public, but the house adorns the historic landscape while you hike.  The Kennett High School Earth Club, Eagle Scouts, and other volunteers helped to plant trees, clear brush and invasive plants, and create the Marshall Mill House Preserve.

Come visit the Marshall Mill House Preserve, open from dawn until dusk, seven days a week!

MMH from a distance

The Marshall Mill House viewed from the trail