Sponsor a Bird Box

Sponsor a Bird Box

Bird Boxes


Support The Land Conservancy’s mission of improving nesting bird habitat on our preserve by sponsoring a Bird Box today!  They make great holiday gifts for nature lovers of all ages!  Each hand-made bird box will be placed on one of TLC’s five nature preserves and adorned with a small dedication sign with you or your loved ones name.  Bird Box dedications last for the life of the bird box, typically 3-5 years.  Check out our Bird Box sponsorship options below!

Our Stateline Woods Preserve and Chandler Mill Preserve have been named Important Bird Areas (IBA) by the National Audubon Society. The IBA program is a global effort to identify and conserve areas that are vital to birds and other biodiversity. Its goal is to counter global warming, habitat loss, and fragmentation as the most serious threats facing populations of birds across America and around the world.  The sponsorship of a bird box will help further promote this IBA at Stateline Woods and at other nearby conservation areas.  Read more about IBA’s HERE.


Visit our local Wild Birds Unlimited store in Hockessin, DE

TLC’s partner in helping this bird box program “take flight”!


Boxes Available:

Eastern Bluebird
$150 per box

This beautiful bird is a favorite of many people and is eagerly awaited in the spring after a long cold winter. In the past 25 years, bluebirds have become less and less common in the eastern states. Competition for nest sites with European Starlings and House Sparrows is likely a critical factor in their decline. The installation of many artificial next boxes in recent years seems to be helping to increase the population.
Nesting: 4-6 pale blue eggs in a loose cup of grasses

Eastern Screech Owl
$200 per box

These common owls are fearless in defense of their nests and will often strike
 unsuspecting humans on the head as they pass nearby at night. When seen during the day, they often freeze in an upright position to escape detection.
Nesting: 3-8 white eggs placed without a nest lining

Wood Duck
$250 per box

The young leave the nest soon after hatching, jumping from the nesting cavity to the ground or water. Once out of the nest, they travel through wooded ponds with their mother. Snapping turtles take a heavy toll on their young.
Nesting: 9–12 whitish or tan eggs in a nest made of down