Equestrian Trail Use

TLC welcomes riders who board full-time at adjacent stables to ride in and use the trails at the Stateline Woods Preserve. No trailering in is permitted. To ensure safety for all, TLC requires updated information on you and your horse before you ride on the preserve. Copies of both the Horse & Rider Registration and the Trail Waiver Agreement can be downloaded below:

Horse and Rider Registration

TLC Equine Trail Waiver Agreement

Once downloaded, these forms may be filled out on a computer and emailed to landmanager@tlcforscc.org, or printed and mailed to TLC at P.O. Box 734, Unionville, PA 19375.

We hope that you are able to enjoy the beautiful open space that we have worked so hard to protect. We ask that all registered riders abide by the following rules:

Do Not Ride on the Trails When they are Wet. This creates erosion issues, and makes it difficult for our other users to enjoy the preserves.

Do Not Ride on the Preserve When it is Closed for Deer Hunting. This is not only for your safety, but also for the safety and success of our managed deer hunt. We close the preserve a maximum of 10 days per year and ask that everyone respect these days accordingly.

Do Not Blaze New Trails on the Property. The trails laid out throughout the preserve were constructed in a way that keeps in mind ecological needs and habitat concerns of the property. If you make a new trail, you could inadvertently be riding across a rare or protected plant species. Please stick to the trails as they are currently marked, and are the only agreed upon trails for equestrian use.

TLC Requests your Ongoing Support. We also request that you support TLC with an annual donation to help us maintain the trails and manage the preserve. With your cooperation, we can all continue to enjoy this precious open space.

Thank you! We hope to see you out on the trails.