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PA Master Naturalist

The Land Conservancy for Southern Chester County and the Pennsylvania Master Naturalist Program have partnered together for the PA Master Naturalist Training Course!

This program is designed to train a group of volunteers in the field of environmental and conservation work, which they will then share through community service and outreach.


Botany Field Trip 2013

TLC will be hosting the initial 55-hour training course, composed of classroom lectures and hands-on field trips covering topics from geology to wildlife biology. Check back for more information on 2017 sessions.

For more information on training, contact: Ellyn Nolt, PA Master Naturalist Program Coordinator at progcoord@pamasternaturalist.org, or visit the Pennsylvania Master Naturalist Website

Need based scholarships are available upon request.

Facilities are provided by Bucktoe Creek Preserve and the Stroud Water Research Center.