Conservation Buyer Program

Conservation Buyer Program

One of the many tools that TLC utilizes to accomplish land and resource protection in Southern Chester County is through our Conservation Buyer Program (“CB Program”).

The CB Program matches interested buyers with properties that are worthy of protection, i.e., those that have important conservation values, such as wildlife habitat, woodlands, stream corridor, historic or scenic qualities. A conservation buyer is usually able to take advantage of the significant tax benefits associated with a conservation easement donation.

For example, if a buyer donates a conservation easement shortly after their purchase, they may be eligible for tax deductions up to 50% of their adjusted gross income with a rollover of 15 years. Conservation buyers can often consider the purchase of properties that are more expensive because of the tax savings an easement donation can offer.

TLC also works with conservation-minded sellers to compile an ongoing list of conservation properties. Like any seller, conservation sellers want to close a deal and encourage their realtor to look for ways to potentially make acquisition of a property easier and more affordable for a buyer.

As a community, we all benefit from the protection of wildlife habitat, unique views, agriculture, and our historic heritage. Note that although TLC seeks to work closely with realtors, landowners and prospective buyers, TLC does not deal in real estate commissions or referrals.

Our goal is preserve land and the CB Program is a unique way for TLC to accomplish this goal.

For more information on TLC’s Conservation Buyer Program, please contact Gwen Lacy at (610) 347-0347 ext 107.

Featured Property

Interested in living next to hundreds of acres of protected open space? A beautiful historic home adjacent to TLC’s office and the forthcoming Chandler Mill Nature Preserve is for sale! The home is located at 539 Chandler Mill Rd, Avondale, PA 19311 and sits on just over two acres. The property will have direct access to the Kennett Greenway out its front door and the public trails on the Chandler Mill Nature Preserve once they open in late 2017. For more information regarding the property, click here.