Help Save the Chandler Mill Bridge!

Help Save the Chandler Mill Bridge!

We have reached our goal of 1,000 signatures! Thank you for supporting the Chandler Mill Bridge and Nature Preserve!

UPDATE: On June 4th, the Kennett Township Supervisors voted 2 to 1 to pass the following Motion:

 To authorize the Township Solicitor and Township Manager to enter into discussion with the County regarding the Township taking ownership of the Chandler Mill Bridge to prevent a two lane vehicular bridge from being developed by the County.

Thank you to Supervisors Stevens and Leff for voting to approve the motion!

Chandler Mill Bridge

Click Here to see the Petition and learn about TLC’s plan

TLC needs your help! The oldest one-lane bridge in Kennett Township, the Chandler Mill Bridge, is at risk of demolition and replacement with a two-lane highway bridge. This would turn a narrow, winding back road with few residents into a busy, dangerous cut-through road that invites more traffic than it has the capacity to withstand.

TLC, as well as an overwhelming number of township residents, are urging the Township Supervisors to take ownership of the bridge back from Chester County so that it can be converted into a pedestrian and bicycle-only bridge, part of a 50-acre nature preserve. The Chandler Mill Nature Preserve, with Interpretive Nature Center, will be open to the public for all to enjoy. This plan involves little to no cost to the township and residents, as it will be funded mainly through charitable donations of land, state, and federal funding.

The area surrounding the Chandler Mill Bridge is the largest contiguously conserved natural area in Kennett. It is an Audubon Important Bird Area and contains nesting rare birds, 100 year old specimen trees, nature trails and historic landmarks. It is a part of the West Branch of the Red Clay Creek Historic District that includes an African American Civil War cemetery, Freeman’s Village, historic mill race, and deacon’s house. It is a community treasure. Help us to conserve it in perpetuity for future generations. Add your signature to the petition now!

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