Chandler Mill Bridge Past Advocacy Updates

Chandler Mill Bridge Past Advocacy Updates

Thanks to all 106 Consulting Parties for sending in your comments to PennDOT regarding the fate of the Chandler Mill Bridge. Everyone made some incredibly thoughtful and valid points.

To View 106 Comments

CLICK HERE to view comments. Follow these steps to locate: The comments are posted with the Feasibility Report in the box to the right labeled “Files.” Scroll down after Appendix 8 to see comments that have been posted.

CLICK HERE for comments from the National Trust for Historic Preservation. This comment is representative of moving forward to preserve the bridge.

CLICK HERE for minutes from the February 7th 106 meeting.

Now that all comments are submitted to PennDOT, what’s next?

See links below to read more information on the potential adverse effects of the project, not only on the bridge, a National Historic Register Site, but adjacent Bucktoe Creek Preserve, the Bucktoe Cemetery, other historic landmarks, and the Red Clay Greenway Trail.

CLICK HERE to see slides from a recent presentation on the Chandler Mill Bridge and proposed alternatives to demolition.

Visit Bucktoe Creek Preserve to learn more about the largest contiguous conservation area surrounding the bridge. CLICK HERE to learn more about the Bucktoe Cemetery and the UAME Church’s dedication to restoring this civil war cemetery as a living history classroom.